Catalyst Property Finance / Land With Planning Bridging

Loans on property that benefits from outline or full planning consent

Lending Criteria Overview

Borrower Borrowers with good credit history.
Borrower 3 year UK address history, exceptions by referral.
UK individual or LTD Co/LLP. Offshore LTD Co.
Loan Loan terms from 3 months to 24 months.
No ERCs, 1 month minimum interest.
Loans available from £100,000 to £1 million.
Interest serviced, blended or retained.
Transactions considered; purchase, refinance with no cash out, refinance with cash out.
Property Land with planning permission up to 60% LTV.
Located in England or Wales.


Do you require short term finance to buy land? Do you need finance to remortgage a piece of land? If the answer to either of those questions is ‘yes’ then contact Catalyst today.

As a respected bridging loan provider, we provide short-term loans for land with planning permission up to 60% of the Open Market Value. Our residential bridging finance is first class.

With no early repayment charges, and loan terms from 3 to 24 months, you can rely on Catalyst to help you complete your land purchase or refinance. The available funds can be immediately accessible, letting you concentrate on the project in hand.

Monthly Interest Rates From

Purchase, refinance no cash out, refinance cash out

First charge rates from:

% of Open Market Value: 40% LTV 50% LTV 60% LTV
Monthly interest rates from: 0.79% 0.89% 0.99%

Monthly Interest Rates From

  First Charge
40% LTV 0.79%
50% LTV 0.89%
60% LTV 0.99%

How to arrange your land with planning bridging

If you require further information about our land with planning bridging finance options, contact our bridging finance team today on 01202 112 900. Our bridging experts will consider your application and quickly reply with a lending decision. We can offer loan terms of up to 24 months and loans up to £1 million. Higher amounts will be considered by exception.

To be eligible for land with planning bridging borrowers must be aged between 21 and 85 at the end of the term and have a good credit history. Potential borrowers must also have a three-year UK address history. People with an adverse credit rating or have spent fewer than three years in the country can apply on a referral basis.