Catalyst Bridging / Documents


Below you will find a selection of our downloadable documents.

These are in editable PDF format.  Please ensure you have a suitable PDF reader installed on your device.

Catalyst Product Guide

An introduction to Catalyst Property Finance, our team and the finance we provide.

Introducer Registration Form

Haven’t registered with us?  Please complete this quick form so that we can set up your intermediary account.

Application Form

Please complete this form when you are applying for a Catalyst bridging loan.

Quick enquiry form

Please complete this “DIP” form for a quick response to your loan enquiry

Additional Applicants Form

More than 2 applicants applying for the loan? Please provide additional applicant details on this form.

Additional Security Form

Need to provide details of additional security? Please use this form.

Assets and Liabilities Statement

A standalone form to confirm your financial position

Client Authority Form

For use by intermediaries to confirm they have permission to supply information on their client’s behalf.

Legal Fee Scale

Information regarding solicitors and legal fees.

Schedule of Works

This form is designed to capture details of works being conducted on the property.

Valuation Fee Scale

Details of valuation fees for residential and commercial properties.