Catalyst Property Finance / Everyday Commercial Bridging

Loans where no or minor changes proposed to security property such as cosmetic upgrade, modernisation, small structural works under permitted development

Lending Criteria Overview

Borrower Borrowers from 21 to 85 at end of term
Borrowers with good credit history. Adverse by referral
Borrower 3 year UK address history. Exceptions by referral
Individual or LTD Co/LLP (offshore LTD Co considered)
Loan Loan terms up to 24 months
Loans up to £5 million (higher considered by exception)
Interest serviced, blended or retained
Property Purchase or refinance
Light refurb (non-structural, no planning permission required)
Leases must be over 50 years
Fees No Early Repayment Charges
Facility fees: 0% – 2%
Procuration fees: 0% – 2%


Everyday commercial bridging is a popular option for people who need to raise funds quickly in order to buy or refinance a commercial asset. As a trusted commercial bridge loan lender, Catalyst can provide you with the finance you need to take your business to the next level.

Not only is everyday commercial bridging great for those wanting to buy or refinance, it is also another option for those looking to refurb the property. However, this must be a light refurbishment that is non-structural and doesn’t require any planning permission.

With no early repayment charges and facility and procuration fees ranging between 0% and 2% you can trust on Catalyst to give you the funds you need to complete your project. Our commercial bridge loans can be accessed straight away, allowing you to focus on the project.

Monthly Interest Rates From

50% LTV 55% LTV 60% LTV 65% LTV 70% LTV 75% LTV
First Charge 0.65% 0.69% 0.75% 0.79% 0.85% 0.95%
Second Charge 0.75% 0.79% 0.85% 0.89% 0.95%

Monthly Interest Rates From

First Charge Second Charge
50% LTV 0.65% 0.75%
55% LTV 0.69% 0.79%
60% LTV 0.75% 0.85%
65% LTV 0.79% 0.89%
70% LTV 0.85% 0.95%
75% LTV 0.95%

How to arrange your everyday commercial bridging loan

 If you need more details about our everyday commercial bridging services, speak to our commercial bridging finance team today on 0333 016 4043. Our bridging experts will examine your application and give you a decision within days. We can offer loan terms of up to 24 months and loans up to £5 million. Higher amounts will be considered by exception.

To be eligible for a commercial mortgage bridge loan, borrowers must be aged between 21 and 85 at the end of the term and have a good credit history. Potential borrowers must also have a history of residing in the UK over the past three years. People with an adverse credit rating or have spent fewer than three years in the country can apply on a referral basis.