Catalyst Property Finance / Improvement Bridging

Are you looking for fast and flexible short term finance to improve your investment property? If you are considering undertaking medium to heavy refurbishment, an ‘Improve Bridging Loan’ could work for you.

Lending Criteria Overview

Borrower Borrowers from 21 to 85 at end of term
Borrowers with good credit history. Adverse by referral
Borrower 3 year UK address history. Exceptions by referral
Individual or LTD Co/LLP (offshore LTD Co considered)
Loan Loan terms up to 24 months
Loans up to £5 million (higher considered by exception)
Property Medium to heavy refurbishment
Typically with elements of structural change
Planning permission
Fees No Early Repayment Charges
Facility fees: 0% – 2%
Procuration fees: 0% – 2%


Improvement bridging finance has been designed to help you fund significant improvements to your property. We understand that medium to heavy property renovations can be costlier and more time consuming than light refurbishment projects. For example, you may wish to increase the number of rooms in your property to improve the layout and increase space. Or, as a business, you may consider capitalising your venture by embarking on an improved building, with walls coming down and premises being extended.

So, when it comes to bridging finance, what exactly do we consider to be medium to heavy refurbishment? Typically, there are elements of structural change to the property and there is a need for planning permission. These types of improvement renovations often cost thousands to complete and you may require a loan to undertake the building works. But there is a solution at hand with our improvement bridging loans.

Monthly Interest Rates From

Loan to Value 60% 70% 75% 75% 80%
Loan to GDV 50% 60% 65% 70% 75%
First Charge 0.65% 0.75% 0.85% 0.89% 0.95%

Monthly Interest Rates From

Loan to Value Loan to GDV First Charge
60% 50% 0.65%
70% 60% 0.75%
75% 65% 0.85%
75% 70% 0.89%
80% 75% 0.95%

How to arrange your improvement bridging loan
Call our bridging finance team on 0333 016 4043, they will assess your improvement bridging loan enquiry and quickly respond with a lending decision. They can offer terms up to 24 months and loans up to £5 million, all lending is subject to underwriting.
As a bridging loan company, Catalyst accepts borrowers who are aged between 21 and 85 at the end of the loan term.

The benefit of using an improvement bridging loan is that you can access the funds immediately, allowing you to start your renovations quickly. This is much more instantaneous than a mortgage loan, which could take days, weeks or even months to come through.