Catalyst Property Finance / Complex Bridging

Loans that don’t quite fit our other products but still represent good risk. Example could be where no PG can be given, higher LTVs required, unusual property type or longer term needed

Lending Criteria Overview

Borrower Adverse credit
Borrower with less than a 3 year UK address history
Offshore LTD Co considered
Loan Higher LTVs
Property Non standard property types
Land with no planning
Short leases
No warranty
Fees No Early Repayment Charges
Facility fees: 0% – 2%
Procuration fees: 0% – 2%


Monthly Interest Rates From

We lend outside of standard criteria. The lending criteria list above is not exhaustive, please contact us and tell us you/your client’s requirements. Each case is assessed and bespoke terms and rates will be created