Catalyst Property Finance / Development Exit Bridging

Development exit finance is a lending solution designed for property developers and house builders who wish to refinance their existing development finance facility to save money and/or capital raise.

Lending Criteria Overview

Borrower Bridge and big bridge
For borrowers with a good credit history, some adverse allowed.
Credit repair
For borrowers with significant/recent CCJs, mortgage arrears, etc.
All products
Bankruptcy/IVAs must be discharged/cleared.
Borrower 3 year UK address history.
UK individual or LTD Co/LLP. Offshore LTD Co.
Loan Loan terms from 3 months to 24 months.
No ERCs, 1 month minimum interest.
Loans available from £100,000 to £5 million.
Interest serviced, blended or retained.
Types of transactions allowed: purchase, refinance with no cash out, refinance with cash out, development exit (inc. finish and exit), auction finance.
Property A wide range of property types allowed.
Light refurbishment only to 10% of CMV (Current Market Value). Development exit finance, includes ‘finish and exit’ where the remaining works are below 10% of CMV.
Residential up to 75% LTV.
Semi-commercial up to 75% LTV, residential element must be >50%.
Commercial to residential developments must have 12 months remaining on the approval for a residual valuation.
For below market value purchases up to 85% loan to cost (qualifying costs being all purchase costs, tax, all refurbishment cost to date and fees associated with borrowing) or 75% CMV, the lower of the two.
Located in England or Wales.


If your project is nearing completion and your development finance loan is coming to the end of its term, a development exit loan will enable you to repay your original loan facility before all the units are sold.
We provide developers with quick access to:

  • Capital raise on competed development projects
  • Refinance development loans to save money
  • Acquire land
  • Reduce gearing
  • Redeem end of term product
  • First and second charge available.

Typically, developers use this type of funding when their development project has overrun, perhaps building works have taken more time than expected or they have a couple of units left to sell – our development exit is designed to help in these circumstances.

Development Exit finance

First charge monthly interest rates from:

% of Open Market Value 50% LTV 60% LTV 65% LTV 70% LTV 75% LTV
Monthly Interest Rates From 0.55% 0.60% 0.65% 0.70% 0.75%


Development exit finance

Monthly Interest Rates From
% OMV First charge pcm
50% 0.55%
60% 0.60%
65% 0.65%
70% 0.70%
75% 0.75%


Often, development exit finance is a cheaper alternative to a traditional development finance with a loan extension.  Call our expert team with details of your scheme and we will quickly provide rates and terms.

At Catalyst, we take pride in offering borrowers the most effective development exit bridging loans on the market and eliminating the stress of finding refinancing.

Exit finance enables you to extend your borrowing term and raise capital, providing you with the breathing room necessary to complete your project satisfactorily.

Development exit loans can be a win-win situation for borrowers. Not only will you be able to complete your project, you will have the opportunity to settle your existing development finance, take advantage of a lower interest rate and avoid costly extension fees.

Unlike other loan alternatives that can force you to wait potentially months for finance, with this quick bridging loan, you can be in possession of the funds within five to seven days. You can also take up to 24 months to complete your repayment. Another benefit of using an exit bridging loan is that there are no charges for early repayments.

Catalyst dev exit loans are available up to £5 million to individual and companies.

If you are a borrower, either an individual or a company, and aged between 21 and 85, have a good credit history, and a three-year UK address, you may be eligible for an exit bridge loan with Catalyst Property Finance. To discover how our development exit bridging loans can help you, simply complete the form above or call us on 01202 112 900.