Catalyst brings back 80% LTV bridging

May 2, 2023Press Release

Catalyst brings back market-leading 80% LTV specialist bridging

Specialist property finance lender, Catalyst, today announces that it is returning to 80% LTV specialist bridging. Previously, the company had reduced its LTV limits to 75% in response to market conditions.

From today, a wide range of the lender’s products are available to 80% LTV, including: ‘Everyday’ bridging, Light Refurbishment Finance, Development Exit Finance, Finish and Exit Finance, and Auction Finance.

At 80% leverage, rates are set from 0.99% per month, the maximum loan size is £1,000,000, and the maximum value per property unit is £750,000.

Heads of Terms are available from the lender’s New Business Team, who personally respond to broker enquires within a business hour.

Chris Fairfax, CEO at Catalyst, says: “Catalyst is known for leading the market with product innovation.
We like to push boundaries and offer brokers something different, something useful for their clients. In the last 3 months alone, we’ve launched lower rates, increased leverage, and enhanced proc fees.

Our next push forward is bringing back 80% LTV lending. The timing is right; higher leverage loans on our loan book are performing exceptionally well, and we’ve seen increased broker demand at 80% for loans that ‘make sense’ to our Credit Team. I will stress, while Catalyst remains happy to lend on the more complex loans and to less experienced borrowers at 70% LTV, our 80% LTV lending is available for centre risk deals and experienced borrowers.

We know there are great deals out there in need of 80% leverage and our doors are open to brokers, from today we’re back with higher-leverage funding.”

About Catalyst Property Finance:

• Founded in 2017
• Catalyst provides bridging, refurbishment, dev exit, auction, commercial and land finance
• All forms of real estate considered in England and Wales
• Led by highly experienced management team
• Multiple funding sources permitting full status and non-status lending
• Catalyst Property Finance exists to enable change
• The use of time-saving technology is central to our approach, providing customers with the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology and expert customer service.

For further information please contact:
Anna Bennett, Group Marketing Director for Catalyst:
0777 207 4150 |

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