Catalyst launch“Refurb+”

Dec 1, 2021Press Release


Today, Catalyst Property Finance launchesRefurb+, designed forproperty investors/developerswho want to maximisecash flow, reduce borrower equity, and lower professional fees.

Refurb* is a refurbishment bridging product with the ability to roll-up interest and add monitoring costs above 75% net loan, inclusive of completion fees. Catalyst will fund up to 100% of refurb costs in arrears and lend to a maximum 75% LTGDV (Loan to Gross Development Value).Up to 25% expansion is allowed on residential, semi-commercial and commercial to residential conversion property.

Monitoring costs are kept as low as possible. Where the cost of works is below 10% of day one OMV (Open Market Value) and funded by the borrower, an Asset Manager will not be required. Cost of works up to £50,000 considered without Asset Manager.

An Asset Manager, rather than a QS, will monitor projects where Catalyst funds the cost of works up to10% of day one OMV, or where the borrower or Catalyst fund the costs of works from 10% to 50% of day one OMV. If cost of works is greater than £250,000, a QS may be required.

Loans are available from £100,000 to £5,000,000,over 3 to 24 months. Rates start at 0.65% per month for experienced property professionals and 0.70% pcm for less experienced.

Where borrowers self-fund the cost of works, they can apply for a further advance at Practical Completion, subject to not exceeding a maximum 75% LTGDV.

Chris Fairfax, CEO at Catalyst Property Finance says: “We understand that cashflow is incredibly important right now, so we are providing a facility that allows borrowers to maximize LTV, reduce deposit contributions and make the drawdown process faster and at alower cost.”

About Catalyst Property Finance:

  • Founded in 2017
  • Catalyst provides first and second charge mortgages
  • All forms of real estate considered in England and Wales
  • Loan terms up to 2 years
  • Lead by Chris Fairfax, former MD of Positive Lending
  • Multiple funding sources permitting full status and non-status lending
  • Catalyst Property Finance exists to enable change
  • The use of time-saving technology is central to our approach, providing customers with the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology and expert customer service.

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Anna Bennett, Marketing Director:
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