Catalyst’s revitalised product range launches today

Apr 4, 2022Press Release

Catalyst’s revitalised product range launches today

Specialist lender, Catalyst, has further improved its lending criteria across the range, creating more opportunities for brokers and their property clients.Highlights of the changes include:

Heavy refurbishment finance
Now available to 75% of OMV (Open Market Value) and maximum loan size increased to £7.5m. Maximum construction budget up to £3m and 50% GDV. There is no longer a restriction on the maximum square foot expansion, only one original wall is required to remain standing throughout the construction process and into the finished property.

Commercial to residential conversion bridging
Now available to 70% OMV where planning is in place, and to up to 65% OMV where no planning is in place but there is an obvious C3 residential/mixed-use opportunity.

Commercial property bridging
Maximum loan size increased to £10m

Complex bridging
Maximum loan size increased to £10m. Complex bridging helps borrowers with credit issues, no PGs, non-standard property, and loans that fall outside of Catalyst’s ‘everyday’ bridging.

Capital raising borrowers
Where the risk makes commercial sense, there is noLTV reduction for borrowers taking cash out. Borrowers capital raising against an unencumbered property is not classedas a ‘cash out’.

Borrower’s experience
Experienced borrowers are now required to demonstrate 3 similar developments in the last 5 years (not 2 years). Borrowers can still lean on their contractor’s experience, subject to satisfactory evidence.

Land with planning bridging
Maximum loan size increased to £3m

Second charge bridging
Maximum loan size increased to £10m

Chris Fairfax, CEOat Catalyst says: “Right

About Catalyst Property Finance:

  • Founded in 2017
  • Catalyst provides bridging, buy to let, refurbishment, anddevelopment finance
  • All forms of real estate considered in England and Wales
  • Led by highly experienced management team
  • Multiple funding sources permitting full status and non-status lending
  • Catalyst Property Finance exists to enable change
  • The use of time-saving technology is central to our approach, providing customers with the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology and expert customer service.

For further information please contact:
Anna Bennett, Group Marketing Director for Catalyst:
0777 207 4150 |

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